In 1985, Gerhard Wörther, founded the company WÖRTHER BADEN-BADEN which, now as then, continues to offer exceptional mechanical pencils, writing instruments and accessories. Our aim has always been to stand out from the crowd.

We especially attach great importance to the quality and design of our products. Every writing instrument is manufactured in house. Our employees even make a part of them entirely by hand. My aim is to save the jobs in Baden-Baden. My relationship to my home town can also be seen in the selection of the materials we use: hence our  mechanical pencils cannot only be obtained in plastic or aluminium, but also made of local plum or cherry.

In order to remain true to our tradition, we constantly innovate. WÖRTHER was one of the first suppliers of writing instruments made of aluminium. The advantages were obvious: the material is not too light and not too heavy, is easy to look after and immediately takes up the temperature of the hand. Other producers of writing instruments soon followed this trend.

Being a qualified engineer and a specialist in mechanical engineering, I myself developed and built some of our machines for the production. Hence, WÖRTHER has a technical advantage in the manufacturing process which allows our family-run company to produce unique products. Both daughters Bettina and Martina also work in the company. Besides looking after marketing and assembly they work at the helm of the company, thus securing its future.

Admidst large international brands, WÖRTHER BADEN-BADEN has found a special role as a truly German brand.


Yours Gerhard Wörther


Manufactur von Schreib-

geräten und Accessoires

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